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Star B.
Quick & Convenient

Just Nebulizers made it easy to get the parts I needed. Great selection and fast shipping.

Nancy S.

I’m happy with the product though I’m never sure if the meds are actually used completely or not. It gurgles so it seems I should be done yet there still is some liquid in the vessel - it could be just condensation though. My concern is if I’m not nebulizer long enough, what’s the result/ramifications? Or if I’m breathing with no meds, what’s the ramifications of that?

George M.
I mistakingly Ordered the wrong item

I placed my order with standard shipping and when it finally arrived I opened it and realized I had ordered the wrong one as I am not familiar with them yet. I used it anyway and it doesn't work as my old one so I am not happy (my fault tho not theirs). I noticed a couple of days later that they were running a special on the correct one I needed that ended on the 27th. The morning of the 27th I went online to order 3 according to their information, but they had raised it back to the normal price so I did not place the order, I did not realize that they closed it on the 27th eastern time not west coast time where I am located and I felt that should have gone on until the end of the 27th no matter where you are located so I was very disappointed. That is my review I know it was my ignorance, but I felt they should think about the time schedule in the U.S.A. or at least state so in their special offers.

Esther C.

Parts for PARI Vios

Tom C.
As Advertised

Easy to order, quick delivery, quality product -- as advertised!