PARI LC Adult Aerosol Mask


PARI Adult Aerosol Mask is designed with Pro-Vent Technology. This optimizes inhalation of respirable particles to the lungs while dramatically reducing facial and ocular deposition during nebulizer treatments. Designed specifically for use with PARI nebulizers.

Soft plastic latex free, silicone mask can be attached to any PARI nebulizer cup. Simply remove the nebulizer mouth piece and press mask firmly onto the nebulizer outlet. The mask comes with an elastic strap to help secure it to your face, if needed. This mask must be hand washed as it is not dishwasher safe.

What's in the box: adult mask, adjustable elastic strap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Phil O.
Love the mask and Nebulizer

preserving our good health by nebulizing 3 times/week with H2O2. The quality of the nebulizer and the mask are excellent, and we're grateful

Barb J.
does the job

Material is flexible, but sturdy. Interfaced just fine with the 'cannister' that came with the nebulizer. Stays in place. Wouldn't wan't to wear it all day -- but who will? Gives my jaw a break from biting a mouth piece and leaves the hands free.
Note: I have an average sized face. Pretty sure it would NOT be comfortable on my husband's large head.
All said. Does what I need. Price was *right* (less than shipping). Satisfied.

Madelyn B.
Nebulizer and mask

It’s all that I hoped for - easy to use

Gretchen B.

Great fitting mask to growth the Pari-Trek nebulizer

Bishara F.
Good Nebulizer

Easy to use. Lasts a long time. We had it since 2014 and is still going well.