PARI Baby Conversion Kit



PARI BABY masks are designed to make nebulizer treatments easier for children ranging from 1 month to 3+ years in age. Young children have a hard time breathing through their mouth, and the masks help get the treatment into their lungs by offering aerosol to both their mouth and nose. PARI BABY masks are made from soft silicone to conform to your child's face. The included elbow adaptor allows the nebulizer treatment to be given in any position sitting or standing. In fact, if your young child is hesitant toward the treatment, the PARI BABY mask can be used to give him/her a treatment while sleeping. The kit comes with one mask in your choice of size for a child ranging from 1 month to 3+ years of age. This reusable mask is boilable for up to 10 minutes, making it easier to clean than some other masks.

What's in the box: child mask, elbow adapter, instructions.

Customer Reviews

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Gloria s.
sizing is off

I purchased this mask to use with the nebulizer I purchased from this provider. It doesn't fit on the coupling, so $18.00 mask is useless. Contacted company, and sent video of its uselessness, not a word back.

We are sorry to hear that you did not receive our response. The Pari conversion kit works exclusively with the Pari Nebulizer kits, which connects to the front of the mask. Once connected to the Pari nebulizer kit, the rotatable elbow piece allows for multiple delivery positions, giving you the option to administer nebulizer treatments lying down, sitting in a lap or stroller, or standing.

Erika S.
Best product

This is my preferred mask as it can be sterilized and doesn’t allow the product to “leak”. On the pricey side, but a good product.

Sarah J.
Love it

We had the size 1 mask and now have the size 2 mask. It fits my 1-year old perfectly and makes breathing treatments easier. It says it is for ages 1-3, though I’m not sure if it will really fit up to that age based on the current fit. I could be wrong though. If it becomes too small we will try the size 3 or Bubbles the Fish since it has elastic. A note—the size 1 fits pari handsets just fine. With the size 2 you must use the extension (at least for LC and e-rapid) as it is too loose to stay on effectively. This mask is easily sterilized by boiling or steam sterilizer.

Perfect fit/seal for fussy toddler!

This product is perfect

Necessary for toddler

Like other reviews mentioned, the mask is difficult to get onto the elbow compared to the smaller version. It will work though if you push it with your finger from the inside of the mask.