3 Tips for Remembering Medication

October 17, 2012 1 min read

Life gets so busy, it’s easy to forget about medication. Especially when you or your child aren’t showing any symptoms. Here are 3 tips for remembering nebulizer treatments no matter how crazy life gets.

  1. Take Treatments at the Same Time Everyday

Routine and habit make things much easier to remember. The simplest solution may be to take the nebulizer treatment right after you wake up, or right before you head to bed. Once you get into the new routine, it should become much easier to remember.

  2. Vibratory RemindersVibratory Watch

Most cell phones allow you to set an alarm for a certain time. But if you want something more discreet or if you take multiple treatments throughout the day—you may want to get a vibratory watch. Vibrating watches can be set to go off at set intervals or at specific times throughout the day. They’re a perfect medication reminder for children or adults. You can find a good selection at bedwettingstore.com.

  3. Wall Calendar

You might just get a wall calendar that you can mark whenever you or your child takes their medication. Just put it next to the nebulizer. If the calendar’s unmarked for the current day, you’ll know you still need that day’s treatment. Plus, this way you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve already had a nebulizer treatment.