Did you know that pets also benefit from nebulizer treatments? Like humans, they can suffer respiratory issues such as asthma, pneumonia or even the common cold. That’s why the Humane Society in St. Lucie County (HSSLC) is looking for donations of used nebulizers. The cats and kittens staying at the HSSLC shelter are in contact with numerous other cats, which unfortunately makes catching a cold much more likely. And if they have a cold they can’t be placed for adoption.

The good news is nebulizers help cats recover much more quickly by opening up their airways and delivering medicine slowly, directly into the lungs. Pediatric nebulizers work best as cats are much closer in size to a child than to a human adult.

Pets may resist nebulizer treatments, but there are a few strategies to get them to cooperate. If you have a pet cage, the simplest solution may be to put your pet and their nebulizer in the cage, cover the cage with a towel so the air won’t all escape, and turn on the nebulizer. If this doesn’t work or you don’t have a cage, try holding the nebulizer mouthpiece or pediatric face mask close to your pet’s face. Give your pet lots of attention during the treatment and reward them with a treat afterward. This should make them less likely to resist next time.

If your child no longer needs his or her nebulizer, the Humane Society could really use it—even if the device has reached its expiration date. If you live near the HSSLC you can drop off your used nebulizer at 100 Savannah Road, Ft. Pierce, Florida, 34982. If you don’t, try contacting your local Humane Society or pet shelter to see if they’re looking for nebulizer donations.