Replacing the filter on your nebulizer machine is the most important aspect of nebulizer maintenance. It's even more important than replacing your neb set, since without the filtered air coming from the compressor, you can't take a nebulizer treatment. Replacing your nebulizer machine's filter is easy, and should be performed regularly.

Why Replace the Filter?

  • An old, dirty filter has bacteria on it that can cause a harmful infection in your body
  • Old filters don't let as much air pass through to the compressor, making it work harder, increasing the risk for a breakdown
  • Filters cannot be cleaned – cleaning tends to make it easier for bacteria to thrive
  • New filters provide your nebulizer treatments with clean, bacteria free air – making them more effective

Don't ever attempt to wash an old filter to avoid replacement, as this is a great way to cause permanent damage to your compressor. A wet or clogged filter will ruin the compressor's motor, an irreparable part meaning the entire unit must be replaced. It is impossible to completely clean the filter – some dirt/bacteria will always remain, increasing your risk for infection.

How to Replace the Filter:

  • Be sure to read your compressor's instructions regarding how to replace the filter – the following are just simple guidelines to get you started
  • Remove the nebulizer machine's filter cap, sometimes a coin may be needed
  • Remove the filter with your hand or other manufacturer device designed to remove the filter
  • Throw the old filter away – don't wash it!
  • Insert new filter and close filter cap
  • You're now ready to take your more effective nebulizer treatment

A good way to remember when to change out your nebulizer machine's filter is to check it before every treatment. By doing this you'll ensure you always have a good filter for the nebulizer treatment, reducing the possibility of a breakdown or infection.