Philips Respironics discontinuing nebulizers and accessories

September 28, 2023 2 min read

Philips Respironics discontinuing nebulizers and accessories

If you were a fan of Philips Respironics products, you were undoubtedly frustrated by the recent news that Philips is stopping their production of all nebulizers and accessories.

We have spoken to many customers about this situation and while we too were disappointed by the recent decision, we believe that there are still many wonderful nebulizer systems and nebulizer accessories. If you were a loyal Philips Respironics fan or are just looking for similar products, please refer to the following chart. As always, if you have questions, our knowledgeable call center is always happy to take your call or chat with you online about what would work best for your particular situation.

Nebulizer System Alternatives

 Philips Nebulizer Why Customers Liked it Similar Alternative
Innospire Essence Cost Effective Sunset Neb100
Innospire Elegance Made for Heavy Duty Use Pari Vios
Innospire Mini Lightweight & Portable Pari Trek
Home Nebulizer Cost Effective and lightweight Omron Compair
Innospire Go Portable, Powerful and Quiet

Similar: Pari Trek

Very similar: omron u100

Most similar:  Pari eRapid


The Innospire Go was a very unique product so it was difficult for us to pick just one alternative. If you liked the price point, the noise level and the portablity of the Innospire go, you will be most happy with the omron u100. If you liked how powerful the Innospire Go was, you will be satisified with the Pari Trek. That unit, however, is a piston compressor and a bit loud. That is why the Pari eRapid is the most similar to the Innospire Go. It is quiet, powerful and portable. The downside is  the price, cleaning and the cost to maintain.

Nebulizer Accessories

We foresee being able to continue to offer the Philips Nebulizer Sets and filters for aproximately 3 months, possibly longer. 

 Philips Item

Why Customers Liked it Similar Alternatives
Reusable Sidestream Plus Nebulizer Felt like medication wasn't wasted Pari LC Sprint
Reusable Sidestream Nebulizer Angle of nebulizer set TruNeb Reusable Nebulizer
Disposable Sidestream Nebulizer Inexpensive Universal Disposable Nebulizer Set
Sidestream Mask Fits well Adult Mask for Most Nebulizer Systems
Sami the Seal Pediatric Mask Cute and works with small faces Pediatric Dragon Mask
OptiChamber Diamond Works with all inhalers Pari Vortex


How do Pari Nebulizer Sets compare to the Philips Respironics? In a study done by the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy, Pari Reusable Nebulizers were found to deliver more respirable particles at a faster rate when compared to the Respironcs Sidstream Plus. So, even though we were all saddened to hear about the end of some great products, the change to another brand might just be something positive you weren't expecting.

Pari v Philips