A new portable nebulizer from MABIS DMI, called the MABIS NebPak, has been specially designed with children and young adults in mind. MABIS developed this ultrasonic nebulizer specifically for children who need nebulizer treatments during the day, while in school. Many children are hesitant to take their nebulizer machine with them to school due to a fear of what fellow classmates may think. With the new NebPak, your child will WANT to take this nebulizer with him/her to school due to this product's cool color scheme your child is sure to love. The ultrasonic nebulizer itself comes in either a fashionable dark green or hot pink, plus, the included backpack features a camouflage design your child will want to show off to all his/her friends. The backpack has 3 pockets, giving you and your child ample room to take the nebulizer, medication, and/or any accessories with you to school, sports, or extracurricular activities.

Not only does MABIS's new ultrasonic nebulizer look stylish, it also features some of the shortest treatment times (under 6 minutes for most medications). Because this nebulizer is ultrasonic it is essentially silent, so your child won't disturb fellow students while taking a nebulizer treatment. This ultrasonic nebulizer comes with a rechargeable battery and home and car powering adapters, making it one of the most portable nebulizers available. Plus, its light weight (less than 8 ounces) means this ultrasonic nebulizer won't become a burden when your child takes this machine to school.

Check out the NebPak here, and you'll be well on your way to making your child one of the coolest kids in school!