For treating respiratory ailments, nebulizer (sometimes misspelled nebuliser) treatments are best because they do it directly. Nebulizer treatments, however, can often be improved upon by using the right nebulizer accessory. For children, this often means finding a better way to get your child to take his/her treatment comfortably and without hassle. Here's a list of some of the best nebulizer supplies for children:

  • Pacifier Attachment – This nebulizer attachments for infants increases the medication deposition within your baby's lungs. Your child will receive the nebulizer treatment while suckling on the calming pacifier.
  • PARI Baby Conversion Kit – This kit comes in various sizes so you can find the correct mask to fit your baby. Similar to the pacifier attachment, this lets your baby receive a treatment no matter how he's positioned (sitting, standing, or lying down).
  • Playful Nebulizer Masks – Masks such as the Bubbles the Fish pediatric mask help comfort your child during nebulizer treatments due to its colorful appearance. It also makes the treatment more efficient by focusing the mist to provide more medication with each breath.
  • Adorable Animal Shaped Humidifiers – One of these animal shaped Crane humidifiers is sure to compliment your child's bedroom while humidifying the air, alleviating congestion and dry airways – a great alternative to over-the-counter medicines for the common cold.
  • Asthma Holding Chambers/Spacers – Holding chambers (sometimes called spacers) make it easier for your child to receive medication from his/her MDI (metered dose inhaler). It can be difficult for a child to synchronize inhalation with the medication disbursement, but holding chambers make it easy by holding the medicine until it's inhaled.
  • TruZone Peak Flow Meter – Peak flow meters like this one are great for checking your child's lungs function. This is important because a drop in lung capacity can be a precursor to an asthma attack. By using a peak flow meter daily, you and your child can be one step ahead of an asthma attack.

Each of these nebulizer accessories works to improve your child's lung function in its own way. Nebulizer devices such as these help you create a style of treatment that fits best with your child and his/her specific needs. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before making any alterations to your current nebulizer treatments.