One common question we receive here at has to do with neb set and nebulizer machine compatibility. Many people are unsure if their neb set will work with their piston compressor. Here’s good news for you:

  • Neb sets are interchangeable, for example a MABIS neb set will work with your DeVilbiss compressor
  • Nebulizers only require compressed air to work, which makes the tubing the determining factor in compatibility
  • As long as the tubing fits on both the neb set and the compressor's air outlet, the neb set and nebulizer machine will work together
  • Nebulizer tubing is made to be universal, even if the ends slightly vary from one tube to the next, but be sure to read the tubing's description to be sure
  • Changing your nebulizer can dramatically affect the speed of your treatment – it is actually the most important part of your nebulizer system

So if they all work together, what should I look for in my nebulizer? There are a few things to look for. First, if you are going to be using the mouthpiece, make sure it is the shape you are looking for. Some mouthpieces are at a 90 degree angle from the nebulizer, while others are set on another angle. You will also want to see if it is disposable or reusable. While reusable neb sets are more expensive to start, it will last 6 months, saving you money on replacing disposable nebs during that time. It is important to replace your nebulizer at least every 6 months to keep it working at an optimal level.