It doesn’t stop! Meet the hand held nebulizer breaking all the rules.

August 14, 2019 1 min read

It doesn’t stop! Meet the hand held nebulizer breaking all the rules.

The most common complaint of handheld nebulizers we hear is, “It just stops!” This is common because the vibrating unit inside the nebulizer needs to stay immersed in liquid. We were expecting the same results from our newest handheld product, Sunset Healthcare Solution’s NEB400, but were pleasantly surprised. We held it upright, upside down, and sideways; it works every time with the same consistent nebulization rate. It just doesn’t stop!

Additionally, it is really very small; one of the most compact of the travel nebulizers. It sits nicely in the palm of your hand and is intended for a purse rather than a pocket. The small size doesn’t take away from either it’s power or it’s big 8ml medication chamber, a plus for those that need to add two different medicines at the same time.

The unit comes with a 4ft long USB cord AND is also capable of running on 2 AA batteries, making this the only unit we offer that can run on either batteries or USB power. It is important to note that this unit does not hold a charge. It is intended to run on batteries for on-the-go treatments, but the USB option is great for use at home.

Patients who are looking for a quiet, reliable unit at a fantastic price can look no further. Priced on sale now through the end of August 2019 for only $99.95, we have found this unit to be one of the most reliable and affordable in its class. We look forward to your feedback on this exciting new addition to our line of Ultrasonic Nebulizers.