3 Travel Nebulizers of 2018

December 01, 2018 3 min read

3 Travel Nebulizers of 2018

It seems like most things these days are getting smaller and better: phones, earbuds and processing chips all come to mind. Nebulizers are no exception. 2018 produced 3 new portable nebulizers that are compact but powerful:

Innospire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer is easy to use and easy to clean. Designed with convenience in mind, you can take it anywhere. The battery is charged just like a portable phone and lasts for up to 30 treatments per charge. The vibrating mesh nebulizer therapy device turns liquid medication into a fine mist which can reduce your treatment time by 25% compared to other devices like its predecessor the Aeroneb Go. Most medication will take just 4 minutes to complete. In addition, the machine is virtually silent when on. The easily
detachable mouthpiece makes cleaning the Innospire Go simple. After each use, simply pour away the residual medication and rinse the mouthpiece thoroughly under running tap water. Daily cleaning is recommended by soaking the mouthpiece in soapy water for 2 minutes and weekly cleanings are recommended by boiling the mouthpiece for 10 minutes.

Pros of the Innospire Go:

  • 8ml medication chamber
  • Long lasting battery (charge just like a cell phone)
  • Clean with tap water daily. No need for distilled water.
  • Shortest time to complete treatment.

Cons of the Innospire Go:

  • Most expensive
  • Condensation can drip out the back. This is normal, but often disturbing to some users.

Omron Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100 is designed for ultimate portability. The device will fit in a handbag or briefcase and because it is battery operated, there is no need to worry about charging. The device runs for 4 hours on just two AA batteries. The titanium vibrating element, inside the unit, oscillates at a high frequency and therefore pushes the liquid medication through the fine holes in the metal alloy mesh. This has many benefits including the ability to use the device at almost any angle, including while lying in bed. The unit is virtually noiseless and can be used discreetly while on the go. Easy to clean and disinfect. Medication bottle assembly (including mesh and transducer) can be removed and opened for cleaning. In addition, the NE-U100 can hold up to 10 ml of medication, making it one of
the largest medication chambers for a portable unit.

Pros of the NE-U100:

  • 10ml medication chamber (largest).
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Can use while lying down.
  • Least Expensive.

Cons of the NE-U100:

  • Must use distilled water to clean.
  • The unit often needs a shake to keep running. This is normal and is just immersing the mesh cap in liquid.

Flyp Nebulizer is designed with the traveler in mind. It is smaller than a smartphone and fits in a pocket. It is virtually silent and there are no replacement parts needed. And it has HypersoniQ™ technology, which utilizes an internal disk that vibrates at an ultrasonic speed. When medication passes through the disk's holes, it produces an inhalable aerosol. Because the disk vibrates 2,000 times faster than a hummingbird's wings, the time it takes to dispense the medication is greatly shortened to about 7 minutes for most medications.

Pros of the Flyp Nebulizer:

  • Most compact
  • No replacement parts
  • Longest warranty

Cons of the Flyp Nebulizer:

  • Smallest medication chamber which can be difficult to seal
  • Must use distilled water and alcohol to clean since the unit cannot be taken apart.
  • No masks are currently available and are not recommended for children.

Compare these nebulizers in this short video: