There are parts of your nebulizer system that will have to be replaced periodically and that you will want to check frequently. Air filters should be checked weekly. While filters have different life spans, a typical filter lasts between 1 month and 1 year. Small, felt filters will need to be replaced more often than hard, large filters. Filters should be checked regularly to ensure they do not appear dirty or worn. Using a dirty filter or attempting to run your compressor without a filter can cause your compressor to break. Never operate a compressor with a dirty or missing filter. Here are some directions to help you find the nebulizer filter you need:

  • Check your manual to find out what kind of filter you need. Manuals often have part numbers you can search for.
  • If you don’t have your manual, look on the side or bottom of your compressor to find the make and model of your compressor. You must have the make and model to properly fit your compressor with a filter.
  • Don’t rely on appearances. Many filters appear the same, but they are not intended to work with your compressor.
  • Be sure you have filters on hand and do not wait until you need them to buy them. Some filters are special order and can take some time to get. Remember, you do not want to run your compressor with a dirty filter or no filter at all as it will ruin your compressor.

Filters are an important component of your compressor and you need to be sure you keep them clean and ready. Changing your filter is an easy way to maintain your compressor and help to ensure it will run for years to come.