Many busy, “on-the-go” families need to fit their child’s nebulizer treatments into their daily lives. They find that having both a tabletop nebulizer and one that is more portable for travel helps make sure all treatments are given, no matter where they are. While there are many table top models made and marketed specifically for kids, there are no travel nebulizers designed just for kids. There are, however, quite a few excellent travel nebulizers which can easily be adapted and used by kids. All these travel nebulizers can be equipped with a mask to make them easy to use and convenient for kids with asthma. When you are considering options, here are several that have become family favorites.

The PARI TREK S is a compact unit with the power of a tabletop nebulizer. The unit weighs under a pound and is about the size of a cassette player. This compressor comes with a carrying case for easy portability, and is incredibly quiet. All models come with a multi-voltage AC power cord and a DC car adapter which makes it perfect for everything from international travel to soccer practice. It is a customer favorite because treatments average 5-6 minutes, so you can take your treatment and be on your way quickly. The PARI Trek S can easily be used with a Bubbles the Fish mask for safe and effective children’s nebulizer treatments.

Our most popular travel nebulizer for users of all ages is the Omron MicroAir nebulizer. The Omron NE-U22V unit weighs only six ounces and is about the size of a case for eyeglasses. It runs off regular AA batteries so you never have to worry about finding an outlet or making sure your battery is recharged. One of the best things about the Omron MicroAir, besides it size, is that it is silent. That means you can take a treatment at a concert, in the movie theater, or anywhere a traditional compressor nebulizer would interrupt. There are no cords or tubing to contend with, so even toddlers can safely use this machine with supervision. It works with any regular nebulizer mask for a simple, fast, and effective treatment.

Another popular model is the Respironics MicroElite nebulizer by Philips. It is the smallest compressor nebulizer available and does not have tubes. It comes with an AC adapter and DC adapter so you can power it nearly anywhere there is an outlet. It has an optional rechargeable battery which attaches to the bottom of the nebulizer without adding lots of bulk. The special MicroPlus High Efficiency reusable nebulizer attaches directly to the compressor, eliminating the need for tubing. This nebulizer set works with the MicroElite pediatric mask, making it a great choice for families on the go who are looking for a very small compressor nebulizer system.

As you can see, there are many travel nebulizers that work great for kids. Depending on your needs and priorities, any of these options would be a great choice. Don’t forget to buy the corresponding mask so your child can be comfortable and you’re assured they are receiving an effective treatment.