Unclean indoor air carries with it all sorts of asthma/allergy triggers such as dust mites (and their droppings), dead skin cells, fumes, mold, etc. that can be harmful to breathe in. Indoor air is important to keep fresh as most Americans spend around 90% of their time inside, especially during the winter months. By following these simple dos and don'ts, you'll be well on your way to healthier indoor breathing.


  • Perform weekly cleaning – this removes dust and mold which can linger in your home
  • Ventilate – outdoor air is typically cleaner, so open a window to circulate stagnant air
  • Change your HVAC filters – your heating and air conditioning ducts act as a great way to clean the air, so regularly replace your home’s duct filter
  • Add house plants, such as orchids and spider plants – they can be a natural filter for your home's air, removing pollution and allergens
  • Consider purchasing an air purifier –the Hunter HEPAtech will remove a single room's airborne irritants


  • Don't smoke! – it ruins the indoor air, so smoke outside, away from doors and windows
  • Watch out for toxic cleaners/building supplies – they can remain in the air for a long time if not properly ventilated
  • Don't burn candles – they release soot into the air, another harmful asthma trigger
  • Don't cook without proper ventilation, as humidity can reach levels too high for comfort
  • Don't forget about the garage! – a properly sealed garage won't leak noxious fumes into your home

These simple rules to follow can drastically increase your indoor air quality. Regular cleaning is by far the most important of these dos, but ventilation is a close second. Be mindful of the cleaning supplies you buy, as some may contain more harmful fumes than others – make sure they're green cleaning products, which tend to have less fumes. In the summer and winter especially, it is critical to change out the air in your home as it typically stays stagnant in order to maintain your desired temperature – just occasionally open a few windows to breathe easier.