Controlling asthma in your home can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be with these helpful products! Asthma control products are designed to make living with your condition easier by controlling asthma triggers in the home.

Asthma Control Bedding:

  • Breathable Mattress Encasement Because you spend around 8 hours sleeping every night, it's important to protect that area from asthma triggers like dust mites. These covers encase your bed preventing dust mites from making a home in your mattress.
  • Box Spring Covers – Dust mites will also find a home within your box spring, cover it up to prevent them from living too close for comfort.
  • Pillow Covers – In conjunction with your mattress cover, these covers reduce the triggers that can build up on your pillow, making the air coming off your headrest cleaner and your sleep sounder.
  • Comforter/Duvet Encasements – These protect down comforters from becoming home to asthma irritating dust mites and their droppings, letting you pull up the covers without worry of hindering your breathing.

These bedding products control asthma triggers in the bedroom, the most important area since you typically spend the most time there. Other asthma control devices exist that can make living with asthma more manageable outside the bedroom.

Asthma Control Devices:

  • Peak Flow Meter – Meters like these measure your lung capacity, letting you compare readings from various days to show you how well your lungs are presently working.
  • Oximeters – Pulse oximeters enable you to see how well your lungs are moving oxygen into your bloodstream. Lower oxygen levels could predict the onset of an asthma attack, giving you a warning of when you are susceptible.
  • Air Purifiers – These capture airborne asthma triggers in a filter, cleaning the air inside your home. The best air cleaners feature a UV light that also kills bacteria.
  • Nebulizer – One of the most effective products, these better breathing machines administer prescription medication directly to your lungs in an effort to open up constricted airways and remove breath-hindering secretions.

Asthma control is attainable, and can be easier using these products. Improve your bedroom first since it harbors more asthma triggers than any other room – consider using an air purifier there first before other rooms. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before starting nebulizer treatments as they are not for everyone.