ZZZ Style Nasal CPAP Mask


CPAP Mask Size

This nasal style CPAP mask from Sunset Healthcare is a great choice for people who prefer a CPAP interface without a forehead cushion. Instead of having a forehead pad, this nasal CPAP mask uses snug fitting headgear that converges at the back of the head to create a sturdy seal. The nasal cushion is made of soft, medical grade silicone that has a contoured design to fit your face better. The cushion is also ribbed to prevent the cushion from sliding and disrupting the seal. The ribs on the cushion also make for a better fit and enhance the seal. The mask and headgear attach to each other using quick release clips that make it easy to take the mask off. The quick release clips also retain the fit adjustments from night to night so you won’t have to readjust the straps every time you go to put the mask on. The CPAP tubing connector uses an elbow design, and also features 360° swivel-action that greatly reduces CPAP hose tension. Less CPAP hose tension means better sleep, especially for active sleepers.