Zest™ Nasal CPAP Mask


The Zest Nasal CPAP Mask from Fisher & Paykel is a compact, easy to use CPAP mask that offers superb comfort. This Fisher Paykel CPAP mask fits over the nose, leaving the mouth free for a feel that is lighter and easier to use than other style CPAP masks. This lighter feel of this CPAP mask is due to the FlexFit™ auto-contouring technology that fits a wide range of facial profiles. The nasal cushion uses the soft FlexiFoam cushion that has a light feel for greater comfort. This nasal CPAP mask also uses a Glider™ strap which improves freedom of movement while maintaining stability for a snug seal. The silicone cushion connects in a one step process, making it easy to apply and remove the mask. This makes the mask simple to clean. The mask’s cushion is made of Variable Thickness Silicone that provides an ultra-soft fit that won’t become uncomfortable during the night. This CPAP mask’s exhalation port won’t disturb your partner since it uses a maintenance-free air diffuser that greatly reduces the sound of exhaled air, and directs it away from your sleep partner.

The headgear is made of breathable, elastic headgear that creates a stable seal. The headgear is also easy to remove using the strap release, so no more fumbling with headgear when it’s time to take the mask off.