Waterproof Overlays - Large Flat 34x52


Conveniently keep bedding and mattress dry with this quality mattress protector. Replace the pad rather than the bedding to minimize your laundry chores! The absorbent pad holds up to 4 cups (more than an adult bladder can hold) of liquid and allows you to easily change pads and sleep comfortably until morning. The absorbent layer contains fluid while the waterproof barrier keeps the surface of the bed dry. These pads have a waterproof layer and a polyester/rayon fiber content.

Our overlay with 18" tuck-in tails provides the same protection as the regular overlay, but with the additional benefit of side tucks to help keep the pad in position. Buy two so the wet pad can be replaced with a dry one should an accident occur at night. Dimensions are approximate. The regular underpad is designed to be used with a twin size bed, the large is ideal for full size beds, and the extra large works well for queen size beds.

Customer Reviews

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Pleased C.
I would purchase this product again.

I like the fact that the overlay completely covers the mattress horizontally from one side to the other. Having the tucks is a definite plus. I purchased one of these from another company and was disappointed that it didn't cover more of the mattress surface like this one does. I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Great product - fits perfectly on full size mattress

Fits perfectly, No more fighting overnight with one that does not fit. No need to tape pad to sheet

mamas m.
I would buy this product again

Taking care of my 82 year old mother with Dementia who has problems with incontinence. These water proof pads have performed beyond expectations, keeps my mom's bed dry and cuts back on laundry.

I am returning the product and will never buy it again.

The pad is not absorbant and described.

Great Product at Good Price

I have an old dog who has bladder problems. We try to put a pad under him wherever he settles down. At night they cover his bed.