Smart Mesh Nebulizer by Briutcare



Suitable for both adults and children, this small, pocket sized nebulizer weighs just 4 oz and has an easy user interface with a one button operation. With a working noise less than 35 dB, it is just slightly louder than a whisper. A rechargeable battery last 4 hours between charges and the automatic power off insures that it won't run after your medicine runs out.

The Bruitcare nebulizer also comes with an app for download. The app is NOT necessary in order for the nebulizer to run. Just Nebulizers has tried this app and does not recommend using it as it may cause the user to have an unnatural breathing pattern. But, we do encourage you to download it. The app is the only way to change your nebulization rate and while you don't need to change the nebulization rate, you may want to try changing it to test what is most comfortable for you.

What's in the box

  • One Pouch
  • One Usb Cable
  • One Adult Face-mask
  • One Child Face-mask
  • One Mouthpiece Tube

Briutcare’s Nebulizer will not work when using hypertonic saline solution or other medications that are designated for practice only with specific delivery devices. Read More! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John W.
Worked for four days

Nebulizer worked as advertised until it ceased to emit any vapor on the fourth day of use. I used it carefully and strictly as instructed in the owners manual, cleaning it also as instructed. The output fell off as I used it.

Briutcare stands behind their products and have a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Review the manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.

Quit working in less than 2 weeks

This unit worked so good for the first week. Then it was slow to produce the vapor I needed. Then it cleared up for a few days and produced a good volume. I was happy. again Then my wife noticed an ugly, disgusting yellow film on the mesh screen. So, I ran it through the cleaning process three times to no avail. The vapor produced was just okay but the mesh was still yellow. Instead of throwing it away I decided to ignore the cleaning instructions and took two Q-tips to wipe off the mesh. Sure enough the yellow came right off. Unfortunately, it doesn't produce any vapor and is out of commission. It was made in China and I bought it on Amazon. My bad. Now I'm looking for a new nebulizer that is made in the USA.

Quit working

I wanted to like this product because it was very portable for my active lifestyle. It worked great for a week and then stopped. Briutcare was responsive and sent me a part. Worked twice and then stopped. They sent me a new machine. It also worked for a week then quit. I returned for a full refund. Great customer service but disappointing product.


Smart Mesh Nebulizer by Briutcare

Robert B.
It broke immediately

What can I say. It didn’t work.

We are sorry to hear about your experience. The manufacturer fully stands behind their 1 year warranty. Please review the manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.