Premium Breathable Zippered Duvet Cover - Waterproof



This premium waterproof zippered comforter/duvet cover has a cotton, stretch knit fabric laminated to a breathable, waterproof urethane barrier for comfort and protection against liquid stains, dust mites, bed bugs, and bacterial growth. This is the perfect option if you're looking for a waterproof sheet. The fabric is breathable, comfortable and washable. You can use it directly against the skin and it remains cool and comfortable. The protective urethane barrier keeps moisture out but allows air to flow through, making this one of our most comfortable waterproof options!

The duvet cover can be used three ways: with a comforter zipped inside, on top of all bedding, or under a duvet. This provides you with many options depending on the protection needed. For example, it can be used under a decorative comforter or duvet as a waterproof blanket to provide coverage from incontinence without sacrificing style. It can be used on top of the duvet to provide mattress protections from accidents on top. Or, it can be used as a waterproof duvet protector and zip to completely encase the comforter. This waterproof duvet cover can serve any of these reasons.

Waterproof/Breathable Reduces Allergens

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Maria D.

Premium Breathable Zippered Duvet Cover - Waterproof

It does its job, but.....

The cover is as advertised. However, the duvet bunches in the bottom of the cover. I also find that I sweat more with the cover on. So, it doesn't breath as much as I had hoped. It does keep the duvet dry and clean, but at a cost.


Seems like the comforter was not staying at place, I had to saw the edges.

Functional... that's it

Duvet does what says. Keeps moisture away from comforter. It's noisy due to the lining.

This product does not work

Bought this duvet cover because my cat cat peeing on my bed. Cat peed on my duvet and it went all the way through so there's no point in buying this product.