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Sunset Neb100 Compressor

The following accessories work with the above nebulizer machine:

Customer Reviews

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Magdalena S.
Neb 100 compressor

Quick service. Great no Problem at all. Thank you.

Nathan M.
Sunset NEB100 Trash

Not able to find a place to submit to the manufactures of this garbage so this my only alternative. I have already been thru 2 of these so called reliable units that only lat 12-18 months before coming apart on the inside. I am a senior and Medicare will only replace every five years but thankfully the medical supply company is willing to replace it at no charge. I was also told that I am not the only person that has experienced this issue. They should be checking into the manufactures process to see where the break down is.

Kathleen K.

Great service

Reza M.
New Sunset 100 Nebulizer for my mother

Hello, I like to appreciate your team's prompt service and helping us out with this as hospice was retracting their unit. Your service is very much appreciated. However the unit itself has been a disappointment. The unit upon opening smelled very heavy petroleum like aroma. Can not use as is for my mother. Now we are without a unit since just yesterday they took the other Sunset unit. Also the old unit would generate vapor but cool this unit generates very warm vapor. Is something wrong with this unit? Is there other Sunset or equal brand without these issues for us to exchange. We only took out of box and turned on once just to check. Wveythng else still in original packaging. Please advise, she needs a unit fast. Thank you