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Very cute but not as thrilled as I'd hoped

This system is very cute and the book that comes with it is adorable. My 2.5 yr old loved the story of being able to moo louder! The issues come with actual use of the machine. The tubing that connects the compressor to the mask doesn't fit properly and is constantly popping out which makes the process frustrating and take longer than it should. Then the mask doesn't have a secure strap so any movement makes it bigger and fall off. Had to tie knots on both ends of the string which only helps a bit because it still needs to be big enough to fit over my lil guy's head. It's very hard for a toddler to sit still long enough to take a full breathing treatment and the extra time needed for multiple adjustments make it even more difficult. Thought I would be purchasing a 2nd unit to take to daycare but instead think I will be going back to using the basic non-kid themed compressor system that I received from the pediatricians office.

Gabe's M.
Absolutely Love!

My son never complains about using his moo cow! :)

Lisa M.
Great product

My daughter loves that it looks like a cow makes it much easier to give her medication I just make like a game

Cheryl t.m.
Great nebulizer

Highly recommend

Christine P.
Wonderful Product!

We have used this product for over 6 years and it has worked wonderfully. We got it at the hospital when our daughter had her first attack and she has loved it ever since. "Cowy" has been her friend when she didn't feel well and she doesn't want to give him up. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!