PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Set



The PARI LC® Star was designed for treating the deepest part of the lungs or for those patients with smaller airways due to age or advanced disease state. The LC® Star is designed to deliver the smallest particle size of all PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers with the highest percentage of particles in the respirable range. The PARI LC® Star should only be used by doctors recommendation. This nebulizer uses breath-enhanced technology to minimize wasted medication and to maximize the amount deposited in your lungs. It is a reusable nebulizer to be used up to 6 months, delivering fast treatments (6 1/2 - 8 minutes) throughout that time span. The LC® Star quickly delivers over 78% of the prescribed medication in the respirable range (< 5um). The PARI LC® Star is boilable and dishwasher safe.

What's in the box: reusable nebulizer (6 ml capacity), mouthpiece, 6' of Wing Tip® tubing, and Tri-lingual instructions. An optional child or adult mask is available to include with this package.

Please see our blog post about the difference between reusable and disposable nebuilzer sets.

Customer Reviews

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Curryanne H.

Great job

Pon M.


Elaine T.

I have used these nebulizer in the past and really like them. I appreciate the cup has the small handle on it and it makes it easy to hold. I entertain myself on my Ipad while I am doing my treatment and it makes the time just fly by. Thanks for the great product. It is also very easy to clean and take care of.

Sarah H.

PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Set

Barbara B.
Great Nebulizer

PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Set delivers the finest droplets which helps get my meds deep into my lungs. Since I have to use two different medications, good saturation and fast dispensing is of great importance to me. Pari LC Star is the best for me.