Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver



The Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver facilitates the delivery of high-flowing oxygen therapy in a homecare setting, and is an excellent alternative to continuous flow delivery for hard-to-saturate patients. This oxygen conserver gives you a 4:1 oxygen savings ratio when compared to continuous flow treatments. The Oxymizer® is a comfortable alternative to mask-style oxygen conservers because it still allows patients to eat, drink, and talk while wearing the conserver. The Oxymizer® is compatible with compressed gas cylinders, concentrators, and liquid oxygen. Also, the Oxymizer® can be used with the patient while at rest, during sleep, or even during exercise. This oxygen conserver can be used with pursed lip breathing.

As a disposable oxygen conserver, the Oxymizer® never requires batteries. This disposable oxygen conserver comes in 2 different styles: mustache style or pendant style. The mustache style fits right underneath the nose (just like a mustache), and the pendant style fits under the neck and can be worn underneath clothing for more discretion. Both styles come in a pack of 24 disposable oxygen conservers.