Organic Breathable Waterproof Pillow Protector



Made using the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), this pillow protector's top layer is made from 100% organic jersey cotton (similar material to your softest t-shirt). This protector differs from other similar waterproof protectors in that it has been designed for maximum comfort. The fine organic jersey cotton creates the silky soft, luxurious feel. As a standard sized pillow protector, this product is meant to fit standard sized pillows (20" x 26").

This pillow protector has a polyurethane backing underneath the soft jersey cotton fabric to prevent liquid from leaking through and damaging your pillow/mattress. This style of backing maintains the softness of regular pillow cases without the uncomfortable feel usually associated with other protectors. Also, the backing is breathable so it won't become too hot and uncomfortable. This protector uses envelope closure to adhere to your pillow, and comes only in ecru, an unbleached and dye-free color that is similar to beige. This protector is unbleached and dye-free to prevent skin irritation and to keep damaging pollutants from reaching our ecosystem. To further help the environment, this Organic Pillow Protector comes in packaging made from cornstarch and hemp, two biodegradable materials that will easily decompose.