NebuTech Reusable High Density Nebulizer Set by Salter Labs


The NebuTech High Density Neb Set utilizes an innovative design that not only increases the concentration of medication you receive with each inhaled breath, but it also does so while wasting less medication than other conventional neb kits. This makes your treatments more effective as you receive more medication when breathing in, and less medication is wasted so you receive as much medication as possible during the course of the treatment. Along with wasting less medication, this nebulizer kit also has multiple features designed to give you the best treatment possible. One such feature is the "cone" design that has a larger surface area than other nebulizers that lets the medication flow through the nebulizer's chamber more easily, decreasing resistance while inhaling. Another great feature of this nebulizer is its ability to nebulizer 3 cc of medication in less than 10 minutes! This fast treatment time means less time taking a treatment and more time doing what you want to do. Also, this neb kit can be used in either horizontal or vertical position, allowing you to be more comfortable when taking your treatment, instead of staying upright like many neb sets require. The neb set uses 2 one-way valves at the air outlet and inlet that minimizes wasted medication so you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

This is a reusable neb kit, meaning it is good for 6 months' worth of treatments. If used after 6 months, the nebulizer and treatments become less effective. Also, as a reusable nebulizer, this kit is "top shelf" dishwasher safe, making cleanup is a snap.

What's in the box: reusable nebulizer, mouthpiece, and 7' of tubing.

Please see our blog post about the difference between reusable and disposable nebuilzer sets.

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Dawn K.

Very nice and helpful.
Thank you very much

Albert W.

NebuTech Reusable High Density Nebulizer Set by Salter Labs

Elizabeth S.

I've ordered a couple of times for nebulizer accessories and was never disappointed.

Joseph D.
New Equipment

Works great

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Quickly to my home

Neb are the best if on long term DUO neb same as they use in a hospital.