Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer



Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to be used by an adult or pediatric patient to produce medicated aerosols for inhalation therapy. It features a two-valve system that ensures maximum efficiency of inhalation, thus reducing the waste of medication. In practice, the mouthpiece expiration valve will open during expiration, allowing the patient's exhaled air to pass to the atmosphere, avoiding contamination of the device. During inspiration, the valve will close, maximizing the inhalation amount. As with all ultrasonic nebulizers, this nebulizer is not for use with Pulmicort.

You have the option to purchase this ultrasonic nebulizer with or without a rechargeable battery. With the rechargeable battery you'll have the opportunity to take treatments nearly anywhere!

It's important to regularly replace this ultrasonic nebulizer's air filter every 30 days or when it appears dirty or gray. Not regularly replacing the air filter will cause your nebulizer to under perform, and cause treatments to be less effective. In addition, this unit requires distilled water: Fill the reservoir of the device with distilled water until it reaches exactly the level marked in red (approximately 4 ml). This amount of water serves as a liquid conductor, to conduct the ultrasound waves to the medication, and will never be nebulized.

You can view this nebulizer's air filters, as well as every part/accessory for the Lumiscope here.

What's in the Box: ultrasonic nebulizer, adult mask, pediatric mask, 20 medication cups, 5 replacement filters, mouthpiece, AC adapter, optional rechargeable battery, and carrying case.

Customer Reviews

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Charlton G.
Don’t buy it, it’s junk

Bought it followed directions, as you have to add distilled water to the red mark, then add your medication, and turned it on, did not produce any mist at all, contacted Them and sent it back, but they refuse to accept it, since it was used. Even though it really wasn’t used. It’s never worked! They are supposed to be returning it to me, as they said it worked for them, but it hasn’t been returned, they where supposed to send me an email showing that it works but haven’t received that either! Don’t buy it!!!

We apologize for your experience. Our technicians received your nebulizer and found the unit to be in good operating condition. Please call technical support at 770-368-4700 for any further assistance.

Anthony K.
No better than the crap on Amazon

Good luck trying to use it on battery power. Not gonna get long winded. Don’t waste your money

Sheriqueca B.

Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Happy C.
Best Ever

I needed a nebulizer that I could take on the road and not have to lug the big bulky compressor ones. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Disappointed in this product

Use it in my car. Compact