Forma™ Full Face CPAP Mask


CPAP Mask Size

The Forma™ Full Face CPAP Mask is an excellent CPAP mask for people who prefer to breathe out of their mouth while sleeping. This Fisher Paykel CPAP mask uses the new FlexiFoam™ Cushion for a superior seal and comfort. This full face cushion features active contouring that allows it to better conform to your personal facial profile for a more comfortable fit and seal. The Forma™ CPAP mask also has a T-style forehead pad that adds stability while reducing forehead pressure for more comfort. Also, this Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask comes down underneath the chin to provide more support and stability for a better seal. The Forma™ CPAP mask also features a diffuser at the exhalation port that greatly reduces the sound of exhaled air for a quieter sleep experience.

This CPAP mask also has the Glider Strap that helps to minimize leakage. The Forma™ CPAP mask reduces air leakage by evenly distributing pressure points across the face when the head moves from side to side. This makes for much more comfortable sleep, and greatly reduces the chance of headgear-related sores from appearing.