Drive 540 Mini Oxygen Regulator


Liter Flow Increments (Liters/Minute)

This Drive 540 series mini oxygen regulator will control the liter flow of your oxygen cylinder. This regulator uses a click-style, flow selector knob that clicks into place so you'll always know you've set the regulator to the correct flow rate. The mini size of this regulator, along with its lightweight, uni-body design makes it much easier to take this regulator with you while out and about. This regulator connects to your oxygen cylinder via a nut connector, and connects to your oxygen tubing via a barb outlet style fitting.

The contents gauge on this regulator is large to always keep you informed about how much oxygen is left in your cylinder. This oxygen regulator meets or exceeds accuracy standards for ASTM, American National, and CGA, and has been UL approved. All increments are in liters per minute. This regulator is meant for CGA 540 connections. Meant for use with M60, M90, H, J, and T size oxygen cylinders.