Cozy Cannula (50' Tubing)

  • This is a nasal cannula made of soft, disposable plastic
  • The Cozy Cannula's nostril extensions bend outward to provide a more comfortable fit
  • Fits around your ears to keep the cannula in place and give you complete range of motion
  • Comes in either pediatric or adult size; pediatric includes 7' of tubing
  • Adult size comes with or without tubing in your choice of 5 different lengths: 4', 7', 14', 25', and 50'

The Cozy Cannula is made of extra-soft, disposable plastic to give you a comfortably fitting way to administer oxygen treatments. While the plastic this product is made from is disposable, it still lasts a long time before requiring that you replace it. This cannula is called "Cozy" due to the way the nostril extensions have been molded – they bend outward and are slightly narrower than other Drive cannulas. The outward bend may be more comfortable for you as it leaves more space between the nostril extensions. This product also fits around your ears to keep the cannula in place, providing a complete range of motion. The Cozy Cannula comes in either adult or pediatric models. The pediatric version of this cannula already includes 7' of tubing, but the adult version comes with or without tubing of the following lengths: 4', 7', 14', 25', and 50'.

PACKAGE With 50 Foot Tubing