CHAD® 870 Oxygen Regulator


Liter Flow Increments (Liters/Minute)

This CHAD® 870 series oxygen regulator will control the flow of oxygen from your oxygen cylinder. For more durability and a better seal, this oxygen regulator uses brass components in high-pressure areas and relief valve zones. The seal washers on this regulator are also made of brass, per FDA recommendations. This oxygen regulator also features a 20-micron, sintered-bronze inlet filter. To make tightening this regulator onto the oxygen cylinder easier, this regulator uses an ergonomic "T" handle that gives you a better grip.

This regulator meets the ASTM-G175-03 standard for ignition tests that determine the ignition sensitivity and fault tolerance of the regulator. All flows have been tested to an accuracy within +/- 15% tolerances. Choose between 2 different liter flow increment sets for this regulator (increments are in liters per minute). Meant for use with M2 through E sized cylinders.