CareFore Medical Nasal CPAP Mask


CPAP Mask Size

This is a nasal CPAP mask from CareFore Medical. A CareFore Medical CPAP mask is a great, low cost alternative to more expensive brand name CPAP masks. As a nasal CPAP mask, this CPAP mask only covers the nose. Since it only covers the nose, this mask is a more comfortable alternative for most people than a full face CPAP mask. Nasal CPAP masks, however, are not recommended for people who tend to breathe out of their mouth while sleeping. This nasal CPAP mask features an elbow CPAP tubing connector that makes it easier to apply and remove the CPAP hose. This CareFore CPAP mask also features a comfortable forehead pad that reduces uncomfortable forehead pressure. This nasal CPAP mask is made of soft silicone, and is vented to reduce the sound of exhaled air so as not to disturb you or your sleep partner.

The headgear included with this CPAP nasal mask connects to the mask in four spots: 2 on the mask and 2 on the forehead pad. This gives you more adjustment options to help you find your best fit. Also, the headgear wraps around the back of the head in a square pattern that gives the seal more support and stability.

This mask is available in 3 different sizes: petite, medium, or large.