Bonsai® Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver


The Bonsai® Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver has the highest oxygen savings ratio available on any pneumatic conservers. The savings ratio for this pneumatic oxygen conserver is 6:1. This pneumatic oxygen conserver senses a breath, and then delivers oxygen to the patient within the first half of the inspiratory cycle. The Bonsai® Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver has liter flow increments of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 LPM (liters per minute), and has 2 continuous flow setting presets at 2 LPM and 4 LPM. The operating pressure range for this pneumatic oxygen conserver is 200 - 3000 PSI, and it will deliver a uniform oxygen pulse from 14-40 breaths per minute.

The Bonsai® Oxygen Conserver has a single selector knob that makes it much easier to operate and select your desired liter flow rate. Also, this oxygen conserver has a lightweight, compact design that also operates quietly. Its compact size means it will easily fit into nearly any sized carry bag.

Customer Reviews

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woks great

can be used as cf or pulse rate with just a turn

Love this oxygen conserver.... it is the best one for tanks

If it were not for the 4 liter flow I would not be able to leave the house.... the 6 pulse keeps me comfortable while sitting the 4 continuous gets me there while walking short distance

Great Regulator, MyFavorite

I have tried several other Conserving Regulators including battery powered units. This unit is very quiet on 1-2 LPM, my usual settings. The sound at 3 becomes more noticeable. Very pleased, would buy another for a spare. Have not tried it in cold weather yet.

Great Regulator

I love this unit. It is the quietest pneumatic type oxygen regulator on lower doses I have been able to find, and no batteries to change. I have found that in my case, using 4 ft. flared tip (because of large nostrils) cannulas, the unit senses my inhalation right at the start. On my unit, the puffs on the 1and 2 L settings are almost inaudible, not a louder puff like other makes I have tried or own. I have not had it long enough to try it in cold weather yet. Only improvement I would like, would be an easier turning selector with more positive detents.

Very good purchase

I don't have to swap conservers when I use my large tank, now I have it on there all the time. I like not wasting the oxygen on the old regulator that was always on.