Adult Mask for MOST compressor Nebulizer Systems



This adult sized masks are designed to be used with most handheld nebulizers for aerosol therapy. They have an adjustable nose clip that assures comfortable fit. Aerosol Masks are made up of clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort. Masks should be hand washed.

Under-the-chin design of the Elongated Aerosol Masks offers excellent fit to a wide range of face sizes.

Connector accepts 22mm aerosol tubing (tubing not included)

If out of stock, a suitable alternative is the Airlife adult mask

Customer Reviews

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Sharon D.

Adult Mask for MOST compressor Nebulizer Systems

Ricky G.
An Essential addition to a Nebulizer.

The Mask is an essential addition to the Nebulizer and it's at a affordable price.

Catherine J.
It is working alright.

I had to trim off the two bumps at the top of the mask because they poked into my eyes ... But the mask is working fine now.Some times I would prefer a mouth piece but this one is big and round, making me have to be really unnatural trying to hold my mouth around it. A flat front to the mouthpiece would be a good idea. So easy to change by the company I would think. I am going through LOTS of distilled water because of the quick soapy rinse followed by the clear rinse. I use it two times a day, so that water adds up!!! It had a learning curve to it, but I got it. I am glad for it's small size converience, it's quietness. Stopping a few minutes at the top and bottom my day and just breathing is a good thing.

D B.
Mask fits and works well!

The adult mask worked well and fit snugly to use all of the vapor and waste none. I would recommend this mask.

Marie R.
Adult Nebulizer Mask

First & foremost I was impressed with the promptness on delivery of my mask. I needed one as soon as possible since one of my straps broke on the previous one I had. The mask I bought from Just Nebulizers works positively Great . If I ever need additional products in the foreseeable future I will not hesitate to order from them again .
M. Royal 🤗