Organic Breathable Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector - Full XL


This Full XL sized Organic Mattress Protector's has been certified as organic. This means it has been made using the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure that this protector's sleeping surface is 100% organic. This organic protector has been made using fine organic jersey cotton (similar material to that of your softest t-shirt), constructed using single ply yarns and pick satin weaving that form together to create the top layer's delicate, soft feel of luxurious bedding. Since this top layer is so soft, you can sleep on it without adding an extra sheet! This means you don't you have to compromise your comfort to enjoy the advantages of a waterproof sheet!

This Organic Mattress Protector has a sown-in polyurethane membrane under the sleeping surface that prevents moisture from making its way to your mattress. With the polyurethane membrane under the sleeping surface, you avoid any uncomfortable sensations associated with the waterproof barrier ? all while it protects your mattress from unwanted moisture. For increased comfort, this protector is breathable and lets your body heat pass through it. This protector clings to your Full XL sized mattress with a depth of 18" via the 4 way stretch method. The sheet comes in its natural ecru color (think beige) that has not been bleached or dyed as an effort to not only help prevent skin irritation, but to also stop the spread of environmentally damaging pollutants. To further help preserve our Earth, this Organic Mattress Protector comes in packaging made of biodegradable material (cornstarch and hemp).