Omron U100 Mesh Cap replacement


The Omron mesh cap is made to be used with the Omron Micro Air U100 portable nebulizer system and attaches to the medication bottle. The mesh cap generates the mist that you inhale, without it, the system will not work properly. Mesh caps are maintenance items and do not carry any warranty from Omron Healthcare. The mesh cap should be replaced at least every year, or anytime you notice you treatment begin to slow down. Properly maintaining your mesh caps will prolong the life of your nebulizer.

Customer Reviews

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Alan G.
Mesh Cap sensitive to salt water infusion

I had failure issues with the mesh cap when I noticed that these issues only happened when I was
visiting coastal climes. Even minor Saltwater infusion can corrupt the mesh so I tried cleaning the
mesh cap with bottled drinking water after each use. It worked well. $40 a unit for these caps makes
it well worth this extra effort. FYI....I am a decorated military engineer.

Harold L.
Mesh cap

I have not used the replacement.

Paul J.S.
Travel’n Nebulizer

This new Omron U100 Mesh Nebulizer goes everywhere I go. I take my meds with me, too!
It runs on two AA batteries (regular or rechargeable), or, my a/c adapter. Plus, I have extra accessories!!

Jonathan C.
Great when they work, too many duds, no warranty, overpriced,

I’ve spent hundreds on these and if they all worked correctly and lasted a year and the website stood behind them they would be worth $40 each. My experience is about one out of 3 are either poor performing, don’t last more than six months, or they flood due to membrane perforation where diaphragm should be bonded due to manufacturing qc issues. The lack of accountability and attitude of the retailer is just obnoxious and adds insult to injury.

Julie G.
Nice Hand-Held Unit for On-the-Go

I work full-time so this unit is great for carrying in my laptop bag, and when I travel for work or vacation. I like that is is quiet and doesn't cause a distraction. In fact, most co-workers don't even notice I use it, and we have an open floor plan. I have two units. One for home and one for traveling. I bought one for my mother, sister, and brother who also use nebulizers for their asthma.