Omron U100 Medication Container


The Omron medication container is made to be used with the Omron Micro Air U100 portable nebulizer system

Customer Reviews

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Kory H.
Medication Container

The Omron U100 is a great nebulizer that is virtually silent and easy to use. However, the Medication Container is the weak point. The little catch tab that keeps the container closed will break making the unit leak and not perform properly. I have gone through at least 10 of these @ $25/ea.

Paul J.S.
Portable Nebulizer

This OMRON Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100 is my 2nd unit, I also bought a “medication container”, and a “mesh cap”, as replacements! I can use rechargeable or regular AA batteries, OR, an A/C adapter. The most important feature, IMO, is that it’s very quiet, no odors, goes anywhere, and, very easy to disassemble & reassemble for cleaning purposes.
I’m aware that the distributor wants separate reviews on all of the items, I feel that this should of cover them all.
Also, forgot to mention that the cost(s) are very reasonable and the delivery is fast also!!

David C.

I love mine-- my only issues is getting new parts.

Leoni R.

good service

Nancy A.
Medicine container for U100, 10th one

All 10 have broken in a very short period of time. Cheap plastic from China no doubt. This definitely needs to be corrected. When they break, medicine leaks out. For an asthmatic, this is very, very serious.