Omron Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100



The new NE-U100 was designed for ultimate portability. The device will fit in a handbag or briefcase and because it is battery operated, there is no need to worry about charging. The device runs for 4 hours on just two AA batteries.

The titanium vibrating element, inside the unit, oscillates at a high frequency and therefore pushes the liquid medication through the fine fine holes in the metal alloy mesh. This has many benefits including the ability to use the device at almost any angle, including while lying in bed.

The unit is virtually noiseless and can be used discreetly while on the go. Easy to clean and disinfect. Medication bottle assembly (including mesh and transducer) can be removed and opened for cleaning.

In addition, the NE-U100 can hold up to 10 ml of medication, making it one of the largest medication chambers for a portable unit.

You can view all other compatible parts and accessories here.

What's in the box

  • Main unit
  • unit cover
  • medication container
  • mesh cap
  • mask adapter
  • mouthpiece
  • 2 AA batteries
  • child mask
  • soft pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 274 reviews
Barbara A.
Has been a life saver and ultimately cheaper and faster

This nebulizer technology has but probably 10 to 100 times more medication in my body as compared to into the air with the other cheaper nebulizer my doctor recommended. Getting a dose that used to take an hour with the old, loud, cheap technology now takes only a couple minutes with this newer, quiet, portable technology. My medication costs have also gone from about $20/day to about $1/day.

Sherry E.
It is easy

The instructions were very clear, it was easy to take apart to clean, it is so very quiet and fast. I really like everything about it. So worth the money.

Gale K.

Omron Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100

Fred J.
Greatest Nebulizer Ever

Fast and Light!


If you use the nebulizer's main unit cover to secure the Nebulizer while carrying it in your purse be careful, the medication container might be accidentally moved/rotated and the unit will leak at the connection where the container and the main unit meet.