Omron Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100


The Details
  • ULTIMATE PORTABILITY - Designed with travel in mind, the handheld Omron Mesh Nebulizer can easily fit into a handbag or briefcase.
  • BATTERY OPERATED - Runs for 4 hours on just two AA batteries!
  • VIRTUALLY SILENT - This ultra quiet nebulizer can be used discreetly while on the go.
  • FREE CHILD MASK, BATTERIES & MORE - Each set comes with a child mask, mouthpiece, mask adapter, soft carrying pouch, and 2 AA batteries included.
  • WORKS AT ANY ANGLE - The mesh technology developed by Omron allows you to use this handheld nebulizer at any angle, including while lying in bed!
  • LARGE MEDICATION CHAMBER - Holds up to 10ml of medication, one of the largest medication chambers available for a portable nebulizer.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & DISINFECT - Medication bottle assembly can be removed and opened for easy cleaning.
  • NOW with $25 rebate offer from Omron.
What's in the Box
  • Main unit
  • unit cover
  • medication container
  • mesh cap
  • mask adapter
  • mouthpiece
  • 2 AA batteries
  • child mask
  • soft pouch
Attribute Details
WARRANTY Your NE-U100 main unit, excluding the Main Unit Cover, Medication Container, Mesh Cap, Mask Adapter, Mouthpiece, Batteries, Child Mask (PVC), Adult Mask (PVC) and Storage Case is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within 2 years from the date of purchase, when used in accordance with the instructions provided with the NE-U100.
METHOD OF NEBULIZATION Vibrating Mesh Technology
POWER SUPPLY 2 AA batteries
SOUND LEVEL less than 35 dBA

Additional Info
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The new NE-U100 was designed for ultimate portability. The device will fit in a handbag or briefcase and because it is battery operated, there is no need to worry about charging. The device runs for 4 hours on just two AA batteries.

The titanium vibrating element, inside the unit, oscillates at a high frequency and therefore pushes the liquid medication through the fine fine holes in the metal alloy mesh. This has many benefits including the ability to use the device at almost any angle, including while lying in bed.

The unit is virtually noiseless and can be used discreetly while on the go. Easy to clean and disinfect. Medication bottle assembly (including mesh and transducer) can be removed and opened for cleaning.

In addition, the NE-U100 can hold up to 10 ml of medication, making it one of the largest medication chambers for a portable unit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 281 reviews
Andrea A.

Works nicely but not easy to clean

Hannah F.
very good

works well. little issue with opening it to put in solution.

Wayne F.
Stay With What Works

I use to have Omron nebulizer and decided to get a less expensive brand which was a mistake, use what works.

M R.
Handy Neb

Portable, quiet, but still leaky.

Sheri B.
Highly recommend after 6 years of usage

This is a good backup nebulizer and that's how I use it. I've bought 2 of the $210 ones and they are both undependable. I always fall back to this one. In 6 years I've had to replay the top part 1 time. Other than that, it's been a slow dependable workhorse.I use it 6 times per day and it's still working for me. I thought I would like the rechargeable to save money on batteries but when it goes dead in the car you're up the creek without a paddle! With this one, I can swing into the first store I come to, pick up a set of batteries and finish the treatment. There is ALWAYS a place to buy a pair of batteries. I bought a bunch of rechargeable batteries and love the convenience of having spares in the kit. I wish it was faster, but at least it's dependable which is more than I can say for the one that costs twice as much!