September 24, 2009 1 min read

While most nebulizer kits do not come with a mask, it can be an important accessory for added comfort and medication effectiveness. This is especially true for the very young or more mature, as they have a more difficult time properly cupping their lips around the mouthpiece to create the proper seal necessary for a treatment.  Masks can also be a way for the patient to relax and Pediatric Nebulizer Maskbreath more deeply without worrying about the mouthpiece.

Getting the proper mask for your nebulizer is important.   For many nebulizers, the mask fits on top of the nebulizer cup.  These masks may or may not have elastic for a tight hold.  Be sure your mask fits properly and medication is not blowing up towards the eyes where it can have adverse effects. For PARI nebulizers, the PARI LC mask (either in adult size or the fun, child’s sized bubbles mask) have special vents which direct excess medication down and away from delicate facial tissue.

As with all parts of your nebulizer, be sure to clean and disinfect your mask to ensure a healthy and sanitary nebulizer treatment.