Top 5 Reasons to Use a Humidifier This Winter

December 12, 2012 1 min read

Winter is here, which means the air’s not only getting colder but also dryer. Fun experiment: To see how dry the air is, put a glass of water by your bed at night and see how much has evaporated in the morning. The dryer the air, the faster the water evaporates.

Duck HumidifierHumidifiers are the best way to put that much-needed moisture back into the air. But many don’t realize all the benefits moist air has. Here are some of the biggest—

  1. Keeps Your Lips/Hands from Cracking/Bleeding

As far as I’m concerned the worst part of winter is chapped lips. But with a humidifier, you and I can avoid at least some of our dry skin suffering and keep or blood safely inside uncracked skin, where it belongs.

  2. Keeps You Healthy

Colds and the flu are often associated with cold weather, for many reasons. One of these is that dry respiratory tissue is more susceptible to infection. So a little humidity can help keep you healthy this winter.

  3. Protects Your Paint/Furniture/Floors

Paint dries out and cracks. Wood furniture dries out and cracks. Wood floors buckle and separate. But by keeping the air moist you can prevent all of these from happening.

  4. Keeps You Warm

Humid air feels warmer. Though a humidifier won’t make the same difference your heater does, it should have a noticeable effect.

  5. Reduces Static Electricity

Tired of being zapped every time you grab a door knob or touch a loved one? Moist air reduces static buildup, keeping your hands zap-free.