Once upon a time, nebulizers were big bulky machines that patients often had to go to a hospital to use. Now days, they fit in the palm of your hand and are owned by millions. If you need a handheld nebulizer, here are the four we’d most recommend:

 1. Omron Micro-Air

The Micro-Air is our top recommended nebulizer, period. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket. It weighs only 6 ounces, including batteries. And it’s silent so you can take treatments anytime, anywhere. But don’t just take our word for it. The Micro-Air is also our most reviewed product, so there are (at the time of this writing) 264 user reviews to check out.

 2. NebPak Ultrasonic NebulizerNebPak

Though slightly bigger and heavier, the NebPak nebulizers are still super portable and offer silent treatments. They come in stylish pink or green camo cases and deliver medication quickly (less than 6 minutes for most medications). Plus, NebPaks give you the option of using a battery for treatments on the go, or plugging them directly into the wall.

 3. MicroElite Portable Nebulizer System

The MicroElite from Respironics is the smallest jet nebulizer available. (Jet nebulizers use compressed air to turn medicine into mist, unlike ultrasonic nebulizers which use ultrasonic vibrations. Therefore, jet nebulizers are noisier but often cost less.) In addition to being super portable, the MicroElite allows users to take their treatment either with or without tubing—whichever they prefer.

 4. Pari Trek S

Another top seller, the Pari Trek S is small, portable and provides super quick treatment times of only 5 minutes. Plus, it’s the perfect nebulizer for international travel since it includes a multi-voltage power adapter. The Pari Trek S may not be an ultrasonic nebulizer, but thanks to its quiet compressor it’s not super noisy either. The Pari Tek S also includes a Timestrip device which reminds users when they need to replace their nebulizer set.