The Top Product of the year 2020 winner.

December 16, 2020 2 min read

The Top Product of the year 2020 winner.

At Just Nebulizers, we assist people who depend on nebulizers to breathe on a daily basis. Some people call us to troubleshoot their new nebulizer, but more often we get new customers on the phone and the most popular question we are asked is, “What is your best selling nebulizer?” We tallied the numbers for 2020 and the clear winner of the most popular nebulizer system is the Omron U100.

This did not surprise us in the least; we understand that this particular model appeals to customers for many different reasons:

  1.  It provides discreet breathing treatments while you are on the go anywhere in the world. The nebulizer is super portable and weighing just a little over 4 oz makes it easy to put in your purse or travel bag.
  2. It is small, but can hold 10 mLs of medication, which is useful for patients that need to combine 2 different medicines.
  3. Although there is an option to use the U100 plugged into the wall, most customers love the option of using 2 AA batteries to operate this whisper-quiet unit! They know that if they are out and about and don’t have the ability to charge, packing a spare set of batteries means that they will never have to worry about getting their treatment when they need it.
  4. Lower cost hand held nebulizer unit. While the price tag is higher than a traditional table-top unit, it is less expensive than some of the handheld units that we carry.

These features combined with the well-known and reputable Omron brand name puts this nebulizer at the top of the list for 2020 and we expect for it to remain there for 2021.

*The U100 comes with a child mask, mouthpiece, mask adapter, soft carrying pouch, and 2 AA batteries.