Sacred Heart Offers Free 3-Day Camp for Kids with Asthma

June 06, 2014 1 min read

Many parents of asthmatic children are reluctant to send their kids to summer camp, unsure if the camp staff will be properly equipped to handle any asthma flare ups that may occur.

Peak Flow MeterFortunately, for those in the Florida Panhandle region, Sacred Heart Health System is sponsoring a free 3-day, 2-night summer camp called Kids Asthma Camp for 9 to 12 year olds living with the chronic respiratory condition. The camp includes all the normal fun summer camp activities including a dance, water sports, and a spooky trail run.

Jennifer Morris, the director of Kids Asthma Camp and an asthmatic herself, says kids need to know they can run and participate in sports despite their asthma. After all, good exercise is an important part of any child’s health. “We teach them that they can have an active lifestyle,” said Morris.

In addition to the fun camp activities, pulmonary educators will teach kids more about asthma and how they can control it. The camp is staffed by respiratory therapists, physicians, and nurses, and it has an onsite infirmary so parents can feel completely safe sending their asthmatic children there. Plus, this year the camp will be giving away free peak flow meters as well as the AsthmaMD management app which helps to monitor lung function and prevent asthma attacks.

For those living in the Florida Panhandle, the camp takes place from June 19 to 21. You can get more information or apply for your child to go by contacting Jennifer Morris at (850) 416-7764 or jlmorris at