Remembering to Replace Your Nebulizer Filters

February 15, 2013 2 min read

Replacement FiltersNebulizers are relatively simple devices, but they require occasional cleaning and maintenance to make sure they’re working properly. Some manufacturers recommend you sterilize the nebulizer cup (not the tubing, mask or machine) once a week. Others say after every other treatment. You can check your nebulizer manual to find the proper sterilization frequency for your nebulizer. Filters on the other hand don’t need to be dealt with as often. Again, check your manual to see how often you need to replace the filter. A common replacement time would be every 6 months.

But an infrequent replacement can be much harder to remember than a frequent cleaning. Your nebulizer seems to be working fine, so you forget about it. But it’s important to do. Old filters don’t allow as much air to pass through, making it harder on your compressor and possibly leading to a breakdown. Also, old filters can collect bacteria which won’t help whatever respiratory issue you’re facing.

So how do you remember the filter replacement?

 1. Wall Calendar

A good old-fashioned wall calendar can be great for remembering important dates.

 2. E-Post It Note

Do you have that Post It Note widget? You can simply put a “replace nebulizer filter 8/13/2013” note on it.

 3. Email Your Future Self

Ever heard of You can use it to email yourself at any time you specify in the future up to 12/31/2063.

 4. Slip a Note Inside Your Nebulizer Case

If you store your nebulizer in a carrying case, the simplest solution may be to stick a note inside the case letting you know when to change your filter next. That way, when you use your nebulizer you’re reminded of it and the rest of the time you won’t have to worry about it.