Pediatric vs. Adult Nebulizers: What’s the Difference?

August 11, 2016 2 min read

How are the children's nebulizers mechanically different from the adult nebulizers? Can my child use a nebulizer meant for an adult?

There are no mechanical differences between children’s nebulizers and adult nebulizers. Both children and adults can use either type of nebulizer.

The difference is simply in design. Children’s nebulizers are made to be kid friendly and colorful, often featuring fun animal shapes. This makes nebulizer treatments more fun and less intimidating to children. If you’re looking for a good nebulizer for a child, here are three we highly recommend--

  1. Medquip Children’s Nebulizers

    Medquip offers a variety of fun kid friendly nebulizers, including the popular Medquip Penguin Nebulizer, the Medquip Panda Nebulizer which comes in both black and white and pink, the interactive Medquip Fire Engine Nebulizer which comes complete with a moving ladder and wheels, and the Medquip Building Block Nebulizer which includes building block sets to make treatment time more fun for your child.


    Another great children’s nebulizer is the PARI TREK S. It features a piston pump that is small, lightweight, and quiet so it doesn’t scare children. It also offers shorter treatments; the average is only 5 minutes when you use your PARI TREK S with the included LC Sprint nebulizer set. And it’s extremely portable! It offers both home and car power adapters, a multi-voltage power adapter that’s great when traveling in Europe, and you have the option of purchasing a rechargeable battery.

  3. Sami the Seal

    As its name suggests, Sami the Seal is a fun seal-shaped nebulizer. Sami is bright blue and has a friendly, inviting smile. Plus, she’s built with a practical bottom-heavy design to keep kids from knocking her over. And she was made to work with the Philips Respironics sidestream reusable nebulizer to give your child extra fast treatments. Perfect for children who don’t want to sit still for long nebulizer treatments.