Pari has just released their new, improved PARI Vios compressor nebulizer system.  It comes with all the features you have come to know and love with the Pari ProNeb Ultra II, such as fast treatments, small particle size, and high respirable drug dose to the lungs, but with some additional enhanced features. 

What’s different? The NEW Pari Vios nebulizer system has:

  • An enhanced clip for holding the nebulizer cup on the compressor.  Before, the cup could slip off the side, but the enhanced clip holds the nebulizer cup tight for filling medication or storing.
  • The new TIMESTRIP® which tells you when your nebulizer sets need to be changed.  The benefits to changing the PARI LC reusable nebulizers every 6 months are: consistent medication delivery, faster treatment times and reduced risk of bacterial contamination.
  • A new color.  Bright blue for adult and yellow for kids makes the Vios nebulizer system fun to use.
  • A two compartment carrying case. Keep your nebulizer sets and accessories clean and organized while protecting your compressor in a separate zippered compartment. 
  • A FREE extended warranty.  Each Vios is packaged with a self-addressed, stamped postcard by PARI for the customer to submit their information to extend the warranty on their compressor from 5 years to 6 years. 
  • Enhanced educational materials.  An updated “Big Book” of instructions have been tested and approved by COPD patients as easy-to-read and understand. 
  • New games and a decoder card in the Vios Pediatric version. An updated website with information about pediatric nebulizer use helps take the stigma and scariness out of nebulizer treatments. 

For these reasons and more, the PARI Vios is sure to be the best PARI system yet.