If you need a little extra oxygen, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to get it! From traditional face masks to innovative oxygen eyeglasses, here are the most popular oxygen delivery methods.

  • Face Masks

Face masks are perfect for those with nasal irritation or who strictly breathe through their mouths. But they can be a bit obtrusive since they muffle the wearer when speaking and can’t be worn while eating.

  • Nasal Cannulas

Cannulas come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the basic design is always the same—a flexible tube carries oxygen to the user and delivers it through two branches, one for each nose. Traditionally the tube is worn over one’s ears. Though not as obtrusive as a face mask they are still noticeable and potentially irritating.

  • Transtracheal Catheters

Transtracheal catheters are the most direct and efficient way to deliver oxygen to your lungs, with a tube that goes from your lower neck to your windpipe. However, they require a small medical procedure to install and daily cleaning of the catheter. The procedure may easily be reversed if so desired.

  • Oxygen Therapy Eyeglasses

Oxygen therapy eyeglasses work similarly to a nasal cannula by delivering oxygen into the nostrils through two branches (nasal prongs). But unlike cannulas, the eyeglasses are discreet. Those around you won’t see you as a patient needing oxygen, but as a vibrant everyday person. The frames can hold prescription or sunglass lenses if so desired. The frames come with clear plastic lenses.

Whatever oxygen delivery method you choose, we hope it allows you to breathe easy and stay active!