Introducing: Respironics Nebulizers

January 13, 2011 1 min read

MicroElite NebulizerNew to Just Nebulizers: Respironics nebulizers offer another outstanding choice in respiratory drug delivery systems. Respironics nebulizers offer quality solutions to your breathing treatment needs. Respironics nebulizers include the MicroElite Compressor nebulizer system, the MiniElite Compressor nebulizer system and the Inspiration Elite Compressor nebulizer system. Each one offers a great system to assist you in delivering breathing medication treatment.

The Inspiration Elite nebulizer is the newest system in the Respironics tabletop nebulizer family. It also weighs the least of any Respironics table top model. Durability and ease of use are key elements of this system.

Another popular member of the Respironics family is the MiniElite nebulizer. The MiniElite nebulizer is also known for its small size and easy portability. Three different power sources work with this system – 110V AC, 12V DC (car charger) or a rechargeable lithium ion battery will operate the MiniElite aerosol nebulizer wherever you happen to be. The MiniElite is a great travel nebulizer and works with most nebulizer sets.

The MicroElite nebulizer is the smallest Respironics nebulizer. This nebulizer is as small as a cell phone with maximum portability. Easy to use and easy to travel with, the MicroElite offers quick and efficient treatment times in a package that supports active lifestyles. Using the MicroPlus High Efficiency Nebulizer set, the MicroElite is the smallest compressor on the market today to operate tubeless.

The Respironics nebulizers are made by Phillips Healthcare to help support your medication breathing treatment needs.